As acquirers, owners and operators of industrial real estate, we recognize the impact that our properties can have on the environment and are committed to sustainability within our portfolio and environmental awareness among employees, suppliers and customers. We believe that our environmental, social and governance programs improve the quality of our portfolio and total stockholder return over the long-term.


Environmental Stewardship

We contribute positively to the environment by owning and operating facilities in infill locations close to ports and population centers thereby minimizing vehicle miles traveled and the concomitant use of fuel and production of airborne particulate matter pollution. We do not develop buildings in greenfield locations. Sustainability for us means operating, redeveloping and repurposing existing facilities in infill locations. During redevelopment of our facilities, we recycle the majority of the building materials from existing buildings and focus on modern design solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. When re-leasing and redeveloping, we reduce our carbon footprint by upgrading existing facilities with energy efficient lighting and heating, and water saving solutions.

Many of our properties are located in historical manufacturing sites and we remove hazardous materials and clean up those sites with environmental contaminants. This improves the health conditions for on-site workers and provides a positive impact on the surrounding community.


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