As acquirers, owners and operators of industrial real estate, we recognize the impact that our properties can have on the environment and are committed to sustainability within our portfolio and environmental awareness among employees, suppliers and customers. We believe that our environmental, social and governance programs improve the quality of our portfolio and total stockholder return over the long-term.


Social Responsibility

We recognize that our success is linked to the talent and expertise of our people. We invest in our employees and are committed to growing individual skills and leadership qualities across our business. Our employees are encouraged to make healthy lifestyle decisions that can ultimately benefit the Company by reducing insurance claims and boosting productivity. We encourage our employees to engage in volunteer work and provide paid time off to participate in charitable activities. We support our employees to give back to their communities and match a portion of employee donations to qualifying nonprofit organizations.

We value diversity and have increased our board diversity in terms of gender, race and work experience. As an equal opportunity employer, we promote a consistent message of diversity and inclusion and reward our employees based on merit and their contributions.

Our properties are often located in traditionally under-served urban infill locations and we transform these locations into highly functional industrial properties that help create jobs. Since our inception in 2010, we have invested approximately $145 million in capital improvements in our portfolio that improve the operating efficiency of our portfolio as well as improve employee health and productivity.

Terreno recognizes the importance of charitable nonprofit organizations. To support the work of these organizations, Terreno donates to food banks to alleviate hunger in each county in which we operate within our six major coastal U.S. markets. In addition, Terreno matches employee and director donations to eligible nonprofit organizations.

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