We are committed to excellence in Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) performance. We measure ourselves based on the real-world effect of our culture and operations.

Environmental Stewardship

The nature of our investment strategy promotes environmental stewardship in meaningful ways.

  • Proximity to essential distribution points means fewer vehicle miles travels, less fuel used and fewer emissions produced.
  • Repurposing existing buildings allows for use of recycled materials and installation of energy and water usage efficiencies.
  • Development of historical manufacturing sites includes removal of hazardous materials benefiting on-site workers and surrounding communities.
  • Absence of greenfield development leaves open land intact, preserving watersheds and plant life that combats carbon emissions.
  • New construction is LEED certified and solar panel installations are ongoing.

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Social Responsibility

Our values are reflected in our commitments to employees and local communities.

  • We grow employee skills and leadership qualities with educational opportunities.
  • We encourage healthy lifestyles with subsidized health and wellness programs.
  • We support employees’ charitable giving through corporate matching and paid time off for volunteer activities.
  • We donate to local food banks in each of the six coastal markets in which we operate.
  • We invest in traditionally underserved urban infill locations – investing over $175 million to improve the quality of buildings and building sites in our markets.

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To read our Human Rights and Labor Rights Policy, click here.

To read our Supplier/Vendor Code of Conduct, click here.


We believe good governance is good business. Shareholder alignment is central to all we do.

  • We value board diversity including work and life experiences, gender identity and underrepresented-community inclusion. We elect directors annually.
  • We eliminate structural conflicts: no joint ventures, no operating partnership interests for management and no personal investments in other industrial REITS.
  • We tie incentives to shareholder performance. Our CEO and President receive NO cash bonuses. All incentive compensation is paid in Terreno shares based on total shareholder return over rolling three-year periods.
  • Our board and management team demonstrate shareholder alignment with personal investment. Together, owning more than $100 million in Terreno stock.
  • Our governance approach – which includes opt-out of Maryland’s anti-takeover provisions and shareholder rights plans – is Top-Rated by Green Street Advisors.

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