Terreno’s executive management team and Board of Directors are highly aligned with our shareholders. We bought $7 million of IPO shares–and kept on buying in public offerings in January 2012, February 2013 and July 2013. Our incentive compensation is based on total return to shareholders and paid with stock. Our governance is market leading.
W. Blake Baird
Chairman & Chief
Executive Officer,
Michael A. Coke
President, Co-Founder
Linda Assante
Independent Director
LeRoy E. Carlson
Independent Director &
Chair, Audit
David Lee
Independent Director
Gabriela F. Parcella
Independent Director &
Chair, Nominating &
Corporate Governance
Douglas M. Pasquale
Lead Independent
Dennis Polk
Independent Director &
Chair, Compensation
Andrew T. Burke
Executive Vice President
Jaime J. Cannon
Executive Vice President
& Chief Financial Officer
John T. Meyer
Executive Vice President

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